Places to sell your car in Sydney

Are you in Sydney and wondering where to sell your car? Maybe because you want to upgrade your vehicle, you have an emergency or want to adopt a car-free lifestyle? This process could be slow, cumbersome, and generally such an ordeal. I am sure you would want to sell your car in a quick, effortless manner, and where you have a guarantee, as in the dealer has built a reputation for themselves. In this article, we shall have a thorough overview of some of the places you could sell your car in Sydney without having it as a big deal.


Here, they will offer you a brief online form that allows you to send them your car’s details. They will then provide you with a free car valuation and will later pay for your car in 24 hours after agreeing on the price. Their inspections are done onsite, so you don’t have to travel. They have been in the industry for 35 years, and their employees are professional. Their services also are in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

2. Sydney car buyer.

They buy cars of all makes and models, ages, and conditions. They also offer you a free pick up from your place. They also have you sorted in paperwork and registration transfer. They even buy unregistered cars in case you had one!

3. Quick cash for cars, Sydney.

They will turn your scrap, old, or unused car into cash! They will help you clear space on your garage from the comfort of your home and free of charge. Their team is all around Sydney, and you do not have to travel to their nearest branch. They buy all the cars, models, condition, and age notwithstanding. You only need to call them, and they will come to pick up your vehicle and pay for it.

4. CarsWanted.

They pay you before you could give them the key and the paperwork. You do not have to have roadworthy or safety certificates. They will come to you wherever you could be within Sydney. However, they will need you to have the following if you are to transact with them:

• Service book and owner’s manual.

• Spare keys.

• Your driving license

• Your latest registration certificate.

• A current payout letter if you have finance on your car.

5. Sell My Car.

They buy any car and in any condition. They pick or tow away cars for free. Their prices range from $1 to $300,000 depending on the car’s condition. They are open throughout the year. They offer their services all around Sydney.

Indeed, selling your car should not be such a hassle and burden. On the contrary, it should be a stress-free experience. If you are in Sydney and you plan to have your car sold, then you are at liberty to consult any of the above dealers. All the best as you prepare to sell your car!

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