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FNB 4WD Extended Diff Breather Kit

FNB 4WD Extended Diff Breather Kit

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A differential reaches hot temperatures when operating. When an object such as a differential is cooled rapidly (such as when undertaking a water crossing) it shrinks, causing a vacuum effect, sucking in air through the breather. Standard differential breathers are quite short, and are normally located below the chassis. This means that when the vacuum reaction is experienced, the breather can suck in water and mud instead of air.

Fitting an extended diff breather kit relocates these breathers to a higher location - typically high up on the firewall under the vehicles bonnet. This minimises the risk of water and mud ingress greatly. Our extended diff breather kits are proudly made right here at FNB 4WD Supplies in Mount Barker, South Australia. Fitting our extended diff breather kits is a simple job, and can be undertaken by any DIYer.

We have opted to use a gauze style breather pod, as they offer an extremely fine mesh filtration system. All hose fittings supplied use push in connections for easy fitment. Our breathers are mounted on steel ferrules with push in hose fittings. The differential connector uses a push in hose fitting, mounted to a 90 degree elbow adaptor, allowing for neater hose routing.

Our diff breather kits are universal, and will fit most vehicles. Due to vehicle manufacturers using different sized breathers, you may need to purchase a different fitting for the differential mount. These fittings are available from your local hardware store.

Kit Contents

  • 6M x Breather Hose
  • 2 x Gauze Style Breathers
  • 2 x Breather Mounting Ferrules (with push in hose fitting)
  • 2 x Elbow Push In Hose Fittings
  • 8 x Cable Ties

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