About F’N’B

If you’re reading this page, either you wanna know more about us, or you’re lost!!

So you want to know who the F’N’B we are. We’re a couple of mates who got together to put a bit of fun into your average 4WD shop.

The team includes Chris & Tracey Blakemore, the Managers of the business, Kevin, our workshop manager, Paul, Travis, Dave, and Brendan, and together they can offer you over 50 years of 4WD experience & know-how. Having together travelled to every corner of this grand country of ours, from Cape York to the Canning Stock Route, Kakadu to Kangaroo Island, the team have tried, tested, and seen just about every example of what to do or not to do with your 4WD. The team includes nationally recognised 4WD trainers & assessors, and can help you with all the advice you need to get you and your 4WD performing well.

Our crew are also members of the local area 4WD Club, and have happily contributed to the club and community over many years, and continue to offer their support and advice.

Now Chris & Tracey have put together a great range of the best 4WD gear they’ve ever come across, and set it all up in one huge showroom. With all this beaut cyberspace technology, you can now bring all this knowledge and experience into your own PC. If you want to speak to any of the team, see our Contact page for the best way to get in touch.

We hope you enjoy our website, get something out of what you see and read, and best of all, hope you can enjoy your 4WD even more..

See Ya Outback…..

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